Batista Returning to WWE?

Reports were floating around Miami during WrestleMania weekend regarding a possible return of former WWE star Batista. Most of you already know this. Obviously nothing has happened yet as he has not returned. However, he did get picked up by WWE officials. Is that a coincidence? I think not. If you’re a former top-talent of a big organisation, they don’t just pick you up from somewhere just to be nice. I strongly believe wherever Batista’s destination was after his pick-up, it was to discuss a contract or discussing how he’ll return, who’ll he’ll face, when he’ll return etc.. to WWE.

Look at Brock Lesnar, after his epic return to Monday Night RAW two weeks back, it was reported he signed a deal with WWE before he even flew into Miami. I guess what I’m trying to say here is, Batista very well could have a deal signed, it’s just a matter of returning at the right time. Anything can happen.

Batista is a huge draw, he’s proven that countless of times. Brock Lesnar is also a huge draw, they wouldn’t want to have two huge draws return during the same time frame when they could wait a few months and make another blockbuster match out of Batista, like Rock vs. Cena, Brock vs. Cena.

You can tell me that Batista has been very outspoken about returning to WWE since his departure in 2010. Does this mean he won’t return? Hell no. He could be just working the fans. An example of wrestler doing this is Chris Jericho. How many times have you heard him say he has nothing more to accomplish in WWE? Therefore he’s not keen on making a return. Jericho fooled all of us, he’s a very smart man. Batista could be doing the exact same thing.

One thing I hate about wrestling fans (Myself Included) is that we’re (not all, some) impatient. We don’t wait for things to palm out like we should be. An example would be with Rock going over Cena. Fans called Rock greedy and all this because he didn’t put Cena over. I always say, just fucking wait, there could be another match where Rock will put Cena over! So when I brought up about Batista could possibly of already made an agreement with WWE, it’s just about being patient for his return. If it does happen of course.

I just can’t see Batista’s last ever WWE appearance being in a wheelchair and quitting. I strongly believe we’ll see him by years end, or even a Rumble return.

Thoughts/Opinion? Leave them below. Thanks for reading.

67 comments on “Batista Returning to WWE?

  1. I think we’ll see him in WWE at some point, but I think he was simply picked up by WWE in Miami, because he’s friends with HHH, to go see Flair (anothee friend) indicted into the HOF.

    • That’s highly likely too, but there is huge money to be made from him. I doubt WWE would not take use of that.

    • Batista vs Brook makes a big match to all the fans entire the world, batista taking down brook it ll be AWSOME…….. Hearty welcome back him

    • I’d rather him on SD too. Batista vs Sheamus would be epic! He’d be good to put over Bryan for that matter!

    • I agree with this. Batista definitely needs to return to work with rising faces. We’ve already seen him have years as a megaface and so there’s nothing new to see there. As a heel however we’ve only really seen him in a couple of feuds and both were really entertaining.

    • Well…You cant. Every superstar is now on both brands , They all wrestle on all brands now. The GM match fucked everything up. No more brand competetion.

  2. So if he comes back, does that he’ll go down to John Lena’s low level? hahaha. Just kidding, but a return would be interesting.

    But at the same time, that’s time wasted on a veteran when they could use that time to push the young guys to main event status. No offense to Batista, Brock, and others but WWE has been dropping the ball with the young talent as of late.

  3. Batista’s last run with WWE was probably his best of his career. He worked his heel persona perfectly, hopefully his eventual return will see him take on this character again (which apparently isn’t far from his real life ego)

    As Ray said, I’d like to see him on Smackdown. Raw already has Punk, Cena, Lord Tensei, Lesnar, The Rock, Jericho etc… Smackdown could do with a good boost in star power.

  4. For the WHC and all, lol. FFS, J must hate me at the moment! haha

    I remember alright just forgot. They worked pretty good with each other, wouldn’t mind seeing another feud between them!

    Capt: Agreed 100%. It was so sweet.

  5. I think, when Batista returns, it should be to SmackDown. They have Orton, Christian, Sheamus, Bryan and Barrett (2 of which are injured, bringing them down to 3). Raw has Jericho, Punk, Cena, Lesnar, Del Rio, The Miz, R-Truth, and the in-and-outs of Dolph Ziggler and Jack Swagger. Raw is star-studded and SmackDown has 3 guys at the moment. Batista needs to return to SmackDown so they can get their act together.

    • Ah JHF, how’s it going buddy?

      Agreed, I much rather Batista on SD. SD was more entertaining when it was HIS show. Batista-Orton could have a ”Face of SD” feud. Bryan would work well with Batista too. Not sure about Christian. He’d have an alright feud with Barrett IMO. He’d have an epic feud with Sheamus! Like there’s a year worth of storylines for him there!

      • Anybody remember whan Batista was sarcastically being nice to Vickie? He was pretending to be so sweet to her and she was so mad, I thought she was going to pass out.

      • Oh from a marketing standpoint, unquestionably. I meant that Edge carried the show from the perspective of all round entertainment but you could argue it was a team effort. Smackdown in late 2009 was world class with many awesome performers, matches and storylines.

  6. Well. If Batista was to return we could see a number of possibilites: Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Mark Henry, Brock Lesnar, Cena, Punk. You never know with WWE, that’s why we just have to sit back and enjoy what they feed us.

      • To be honest, I’ve never really focused on Batista. I’ve always had my attention elsewhere. Having said that, I do enjoy his matches & because of this I bought his 3-disc DVD from HMV (whenever it was priced incorrectly at £6.99 – WIN!) His last heel run in WWE was great & if he does return I would love a Sheamus – Batista thang!

        • I didn’t watch the DVD but read the book, which BTW, is a must read. It’s slightly outdated but hopefully he’ll write another one down the line with another WWE run included! lol

          Batista – Sheamus: I’d watch that for definite!

          • Didn’t know he had a book out, but I’ll have to tuck into the DVD soon, like a lot of my wrestling DVDs they are all preserved in the shrink wrapping haha! Saving them all for a rainy, rainy day. But I will also check out the book, I’m going to start Eddie’s book soon.

            Two big guys like that will work, it’s worked with Cena and Batista, HHH and Batista. So there’s no doubts on that front that it’ll work. I’d like to see how WWE would build such a feud. But they’d definitely have good, if not great matches.

  7. I hope he does come back. Realistically there are not many people on the roster that could successfully feud with Lesnar. I think Batista and Lesnar could feud epically!

  8. please batista return back to wwe we all wana see you kicking john cena’s punk ass for gud and bring back tv 14 ratings as well pleaseeeee

  9. If memory serves correct, Batista only drew for a short period of time. Pretty much until his feud with HHH ended in 2005. From that point on he never made much of a real difference at the box office. Brock Lesnar drew more in his four-year UFC run than any person currently on the WWE roster. He headlined two shows in 2009 that did bigger numbers than WWE’s entire PPV calendar that year.

    I kind of like WWE as it is right now. I think the company only needs one monster and they have that in Lesnar.

  10. Batista would be a very interesting return, one way which I would like to see is Batista reviving smackdown a little and have another Smackdown vs Raw feud, because lately smackdown has been getting worse, it needs to compete with Raw more

  11. what if john cena was getting beat up by laurinaitis’s lackeys and cenas friends were coming out there one raw and batistas music hit and batista was about to batista bomb cena then laurinaitis and batista were exchanging thumbs up then batista went thumbs and batista start beating up evrrybody who are associated with laurinaitis and saved john cena

  12. The wwe needs back a star like Dave! Not only does he bring a level of talent and experience that the younger guys can learn and rise from, but the man brings a certain energy to the ring that none of the stars on the current roster have. It’s almost like yu can feel the adrenaline flowing when you watch this guy. So a return of Batista, along with his buddy HHH runing the show now, could set up for unlimited possibilities! Just wait tho, id love to see him be the deciding factor for HHH at Summerslam!

  13. I really hope that Batista will come back to wwe because he was awesome. When he would fight the undertaker and cena. He was a favored superstar. I hope he comes back in 2012. Even if Brock lesnar came back again it would be a good match to see I’m fight Brock. Maybe if he came back really soon he could fight Kane and big show and other people. I really hope that Batista reads these comments and comes back.

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