Wrestling Rambles Exclusive: Goldust Interview

First and foremost on behalf of all the members of WrestlingRambles.com I personally thank Goldust for taking part in an interview via email. It was a pleasure to talk to him and he answers some very interesting questions on topics such as the Divas division, his book, his earliest wrestling match, memories, WCW and more!  I also want to thank all our readers for sending questions in. We apologize if your question wasn’t answered, we got about twenty five questions in total, a few were similar and Goldust picked himself which ones to answer. We did not edit any of Goldust’s answers, you see them as we got them, it’s 100% gold. Follow him on twitter @DUSTIN_RHODES1 and follow us on twitter @WrestlinRambles.

What is you proudest moment in wrestling?
I think my proudest moment in wrestling, well I have three things. 1) Putting dad into the hall of fame 2) working a six man with Cody dad and myself at few in Orlando 3) most importantly , getting clean and sober . Everything I’ve done in my life, nothing else matters except my family and being clean and sober.

What was the first wrestling match you watched?
To my recollection, the first match I remember watching was dad vs the spoiler in Orlando at Eddie Graham sports stadium.

What was your  time in early WCW like, compared to late WCW?
The time I had in wcw is very close to my heart. I learned everything I know today from my best friend Barry wind ham. Learned the ropes working with Larry zybisko, arn Anderson, Bobby eaton, Ricky steamboat, and Jimmy golden(bunkhouse buck). Everything I know is because of these gentlemen. I say thank you to them all. Had some of my best matches with the likes of Steve Austin and Rick rude. It was a great timento learn.

The current Diva’s Division in WWE gets a lot of flack from fans. Now, you’ve worked very closely with the division, and have spoken highly of their hard work and dedication. How do you think the company, and industry for that matter, should present women’s
The divas division, in my opinion the ladies I worked with are incredibly talented and if given the opportunity they can wrestle a 20 minute match with the best of them. I really enjoyed working with the girls. Nothing but respect

I’ve read various wresters’ books, and can honestly say that your story felt completely different to anything I’ve ever read before; you’re very open about darker days. 
I set out writing my book in cross Rhodes…goldust out of the darkness in truly wanting something different. I wanted to tell my struggles in hopes that maybe it could help others with some of the insane issues I had, plus wrasslin. It was very draining and difficult to relive and go through and trying to remember so much. The greatest day of my life besides my daughter being born was when I reached out for help to the E and they helped and I became clean and sober. I cannot thank wwe enough . I cannot thank my daughter Dakota enough. I cannot thank my future wife to be ta-rel enough, for they are the angels in my life. It is a daily battle but 4 YRS later I’m staying clean and sober.

What was it like growing up the son of the American dream?

Growing up the son of dusty Rhodes was awesome but tough. When I was younger I felt the need to fill his shoes, not knowing that it was impossible. Well I figured it out by becoming goldust and filling my own shoes. I thank my father for letting me follow in his footsteps and doing what I love the most…….wrestle.

How do you feel about the current roster and how were they during your last run? Is anyone able to become the face of the WWE?
It is awesome to have the new talent ask for advise bout something. I really enjoyed teaching them things and so many are talented and have a bright future ahead of them. It was a pleasure for me to work with them. Just remember boys, you have it inside of yourselves to be top level performers if you work hard, have a nonstop great attitude, heart of a lion and love going out there each night and performing to the best of your abilities for the fans. Have patience and great attitude and I promise you will go far.

What title run do you think was the best run you ever had? What title run do you feel made your career more lucrative?
My first run as ic champ was the biggest point of my career. Enjoyed being a heel and truly had the time of my life. Love being a heel.

What’s next for you?
Whether you like me or not, know that I love performing for all of you fans. Please follow me on twitter @DUSTIN_RHODES1 and I promise I’m not really a di** on twitter, just love mess in with people. Get out and pick up a copy of cross Rhodes …..goldust out of the darkness in book stores or online, tweet a pic of yourself and the book in the kitchen and I will follow you.

Wanna thank all the fans for all the love or hate you have given me throughout the years, but ….IM NOT DONE YET. for booking info contact Howard Brody…….Howard@howardbrody.com thank you all, and you will always remember the name of Goldust.


Once again a huge thank you to Goldust and we’d love to read your feedback below. 

54 comments on “Wrestling Rambles Exclusive: Goldust Interview

  1. No Attitude Era questions? That’s how I remember Goldust the most. One of my favorite Goldust matches is the match had at WrestleMania XV in 1999. Right in the middle of the Attitude Era. I recently saw his WM match vs. Roddy Piper and I enjoyed that match too. I have always liked Goldust. Too bad his 2008-2012 stint in the WWE wasn’t like his 1995–1999 stint. Goldust should have been used more.

      • Speaking of Goldust, I was watching my Ultimate Ric Flair DVD the other day (just got it last week) and there was Dustin Rhodes wrestling Ricky Steamboat in a three man training workout.

        I also want to mention that Goldust is probably the most underrated WWE superstar of all-time. If there was a “Best Workers” Hall of Fame, he’d be in it for sure. It’s too bad the name “Goldust” isn’t as big as the name “Stone Cold”, “Undertaker”, or “Shawn Michaels”. He had a good career, but he would have been a great main event wrestler if he got that push.

  2. Didn’t really know about his troubles prior to reading his book,so having read that, and now hearing about his upcoming marriage…well, it’s great to see a wrestling legend get BACK ON the right track after falling off. Always seem to only here about the negative stories.

  3. Yeah awesome interview, wrestlingrambles is really pulling in some big names, it great. Hope Goldust continues to do great, Im not his biggest fan but I hugely admire his individuality, most people could not do it like goldust.

  4. Great interview. The first question was mine, BTW. You should try you get an interview with John Cena next, lol.

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  6. I wonder if his book is similar to William Regal’s. I heard Regal’s was one of the best out there when it came to discussing the dark side of the business.

      • Hmmm. You may be onto something. I haven’t read a ton of rasslin books, but I have read Bret’s, Flair’s and both of Jericho’s. I’ve also read Sex, Lies & Headlocks (Shaun Assael) and Drawing Heat the Hard Way (Larry Matysik).

      • Yeah, That would be awesome, I have read Batista’s book and still reading Bret Harts, Rey Mysterios, One of Mick Foleys and a couple more. Im going to have to get Cross Rhodes now because it seems great.

    • Regal had his issues as well, and talked about them in his book. The one story that sticks out to me, is how he was on a tour when he began to feel his heart skipping beats and felt like he was having a heart attack.
      The big differences between their books, however, is that Regal’s is more of a career journey, and reads more dry, while Goldust’s focuses a lot more on his addiction throughout his career and overcoming it.

    • If you are still at superherohype.com, put it in the wrestling thread with a link. I’m sure they would be interested plus you could get more traffic.

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