Rambling Personalities – Exclusive Interview With ADAM COLE

In the first ever edition of the Rambling Personalities podcast Duckman has the privilege to sit down and talk with current ROH TV Champion Adam Cole.  For over an hour Adam discusses all aspects of his career as one of the youngest and most sought after independent wrestlers in North America.  From his early days training, to his best matches and opponents and so much more in between, Adam gives a great insight into life as an independent pro wrestler.

We also talk all things ROH as we cover his work as one half of Future Shock with partner Kyle O’Reilly.  We also cover a ton of ROH related topics including, working on TV, locker room morale, Kenny Kings recent departure from the company, working with Jim Cornette, Kevin Steen, Davey Richard, Eddie Edwards, The Briscoes, The Kings of Wrestling and so much more.

Plus we talk his work in PWG, whether or not he’s a fan of MMA and we get his predictions for Summerslam!

This is a great chance to hear all about the life and times of one of the best young wrestlers working today.  Humble, insightful and funny you will no doubt become a huge fan of Adam Cole after hearing this interview.  He said he wanted to set the bar high by being the first guest on the Rambling Personalities podcast and he delivered!

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I thanked Adam for being our first guest and this is what he replied with…

Thank you man, it was an absolute pleasure. You guys were SO professional, and very easy to talk too. I had a blast on the podcast, and anytime you’d like to have me back on just let me know. I wish you guys the best of luck, and success is well deserved on your end! Thanks again and take care.

16 comments on “Rambling Personalities – Exclusive Interview With ADAM COLE

  1. ”Keep your mouth shut and your ears and eyes open” – I read that in HBK’s book, some legend told him, Id say a lot of legends say that to young wrestlers when they first start out in the business. I think legends/agents who work backstage deserve more credit than what they get.

    Adam Cole was a phenomenal first guest on the RP podcast! Great interviewing by Sam. Adam is just 23 years old and has a great understanding of the business and you can grasp that he has the right attitude and respects pro wrestling, which is why I see him going to big places. He really reminds me of a young CM Punk, if I’m not mistaken, Adam at his age now is on the same level, if not higher than what CM Punk was at 23.

    I’m happy to hear that Cole was flattered with my words, I think it took him by surprise! haha.

    Excellent stuff! :D

  2. I’m listening to it right now…I don’t really know much about Adam Cole, but it’s an interesting interview so far. Duckman sounds like a great interviewer! Great voice and he’s asking good questions. I would love to hear more interviews from him.

  3. Thanks Tony, much appreciated. If you’ll allow my a shameless plug – if you head over to mfxpodcast.com and check out the interview archive there, you’ll hear my interviews with a couple of UK wrestlers, Lionheart and Rockstar Spud. Plus interviews with Chikara Grand Champion Eddie Kingston and the voice of ROH Kevin Kelly! The Spud interview has a worked/shoot bit at the end that was a lot of fun. The Kingston interview is really good, lots of great stuff. The Kevin Kelly one is a lot of fun because he talks a lot about working in WWE during the attitude era.

    I’m hopeful this is the start of regular interviews here on WR. Ray is working his booty off behind the scenes as we speak to set the next one up. I think the plan is one a month.

    Again, thanks for the kind words and I hope you all enjoy the interview, it was a lot of fun to do. Adam Cole is a guy who will be in WWE in the next couple of years, no doubt about it.

  4. Yeah man we talked with him about Rock, Austin, Foley, Taker, all the guys he worked with at the time. HHH, Vince, Steph, obviously! He was involved in that crazy gun angle with Austin and Pillman, so we had a good time covering that. Plus lots of ROH stuff too. He’s a cool dude, loves wrestling, talks about it passionately but logically. My favourite interview I’ve done so far.

  5. As a subscriber to W/O for nearly ten years, it’s damn cool to see we got a mention and hopefully it’ll bring more people over to WR to check out the interview and stick around for the articles. Anything that helps build the audience/interest is good in my book!

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  7. Fantastic interview. I’ve been a fan of Duckman’s podcast over at mfxpodcast.com for some time and I’m glad he’s interviewing now. Does an amazing job of keeping a show moving along while keeping it info packed and very interesting.

    Adam Cole seems like a great guy and based on this interview, I’m going to go check out some of his work. I may even look into some CZW stuff, because like you had mentioned, I was the classic fan who thought it was all light bulbs and barbed wire. Would be interested to see some wrestling over there though.

    Thanks for recording, looking forward to the next one!

    • Couldn’t of said that about Sam any better!

      Trust me you really should check out Adam Cole’s work, the guy is only 23 and he’d remind you of a young CM Punk.

      Cheers for the feedback, I’ll make sure Sam sees this. I hope to see you stick around! :)

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