Wade Barret Originally in Main Event at House Show


¬†Wade Barrett‘s return is coming, as evident by the vignettes WWE has been airing recently. However, he has been showing up on house shows. Although he usually wins in a squash match, Barrett almost entered the main event.

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Insight into Impact – Slapjack Attack

Hello, and welcome to the latest “Insight into Impact” review, where I will be giving you the lowdown on events from TNA’s Impact Wrestling episode for the 30th August 2012, as well as giving you my views and opinions on the show too. These views are mine, not anyone else’s (seeing as I was asked to pay ¬£100 for someone else’s view on TNA… ;) )

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WWE Smackdown! Results + HILARIOUS VIDEOS

Hey ramblers, there will be no Laying The Smackdown! column this week as Tony is away on vacation. Everything will be back to normal next week. I’m not going to write about Smackdown! as I haven’t finished watching it yet but I will post the results here for you:

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