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J Classic’s

Jordan watches a lot of wrestling, maybe even too much. Here, she will be sharing some of  her favorite classic match-ups from pretty much any company, featuring one per week. Most will be older, some newer; all will be classic! 

All you gotta do is highlight ”J Classic’s” and on the right the list of episodes will appear. You can comment on each individual ‘classic’ this way. Who knows how many will be posted up, J has many years of watching wrestling and her knowledge on wrestling’s past goes on forever, enjoy the videos. 

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  1. Oct 22 2011

    Great pick, J.

    The thing I like most even though Eddie won, the title was made look great, I know Eddie didn’t defeat him 1-2-3 or anything, but the respect both showed for the title was amazing, they were fighting fir that belt, not for themselves but for that belt! Great match!


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