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J Classic’s Episode 6

Bryan Danielson has long been considered the best wrestler to have come out of Ring of Honor, as well as one of it’s founding fathers. Right up there with him, is Nigel McGuinness. The two had several good matches in ROH, but this one in 2006 is considered their best, and one of ROH’s best, by many. During this period, Danielson held the ROH World Championship, while McGuinness was the ROH Pure Champion. Ring of Honor had decided to unify the two titles, and in August, this classic took place at “Unified,” in Liverpool, England.

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  1. Nov 26 2011

    Great match! Why was the ref counting Danielson? Doesn’t he know BD doesn’t give a fuck about 5? :)

    • Jordan
      Nov 27 2011

      I want so badly for Bryan to do the “I have until five!” in WWE.

      • Nov 27 2011

        Or how about Bryan saying “Fuck 5″? I know that will never happen, but it’s nice to imagine :)


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