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Against The Ropes

This is from a site whom is friends of Wrestling Rambles, we made an agreement and part of that was we’d feature the documentary the site was built from, the video. The site is called Against The Ropes.

The following is taken from their site:
This film is about the blood sweat and tears it takes to become a pro wrestler. Pro wrestling has taken on a new role in the entertainment business. With big named companies like WWE, IMPACT, and Ring of Honor; wrestling is watched more now than it has ever been before.

With popularity, comes misconceptions. I was tried of hearing the phrase “wrestling is not a sport.” So, this film is to prove to EVERYONE out in the world that, it IS A SPORT! Not in the same context as football or basketball; but in a category all is own. Its a mix of hard work and a little glamor.

NYWC (new york wrestling connection) was kind enough to let us film all the behind the scenes action of what it takes to become a wrestler. Hopefully, with a lot of dedication, we will be able to show people just how much a sport pro wrestling really is.

Filmed by: Monica Draudt and Jonathan Tollin

Here is the sites link, check it out

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